Exterior glass paint projects

Local Painting contractors - Best Painting Blogs - It’s designed especially for glass, but you can apply it to glass, plastic, metal, stone, masonry and other common exterior surfaces and get the same great results. But what if you don’t intend to paint glass? Glass paint can protect a variety of surfaces other than glass. Its nano-bonding properties mean that you can get great, long-lasting coverage on a range of porous and non-porous surfaces. ..More

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UV resistance from glass paint

Best Local master Painting companies - Blogs - Faq's - Answers - Ordinary paints break down easily in sunlight. Once a paint has been damaged by UV light, it can’t be “fixed;” it needs to be replaced. UV light’s ability to break chemical bonds causes problems for paints. You can see the effects of UV light when paint fades, peels and cracks. If the UV light exposure isn’t corrected, the paint will fade and fail again. ..More

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Using glass block in interior design

10 Best reputed commercial Painting contractors - Code Compliance Forums - First, they’re versatile. Glass block is attractive to homeowners for a number of reasons. They are made in a number of uniform sizes, so they can be used to fill spaces neatly. ..More

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Working with recycled glass

Top 10 Best Painting inspection contractors - DIY Guide Blog Pages - Recycling glass into glass manufacturing allows the glass to be created at a lower temperature, and extends the life of the glass-making equipment. Recycled glass possesses the same strength that new glass does, which means that the recycling process does not degrade the glass in any way. . In addition, recycling makes economic sense, since it costs less to recycle existing glass than it does to create new glass. As you can see, there’s very little downside to recycling glass! ..More

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Can you use latex paint on glass?

Top 10 Best Painting inspection contractors - Helpful Links - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - But drying on glass isn’t the same thing as sticking to glass. You may wonder whether you can use an ordinary paint on glass. That’s the big difference between glass paint and ordinary paint. . Will ordinary paint dry? Will it stick to glass? The short answer is that latex paint (and other kinds of paint) will dry on glass. If you want the paint to hang around temporarily, you can use any ordinary paint. If you want the paint to stay put, you’ll need to use paint that’s specially formulated to bond with glass ..More

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